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EOS 500 fire control director

EOS 500 is a lightweight electro-optical fire control director for use on all naval ships. It is an excellent choice for observation, target identification and fire control.

Lightweight electro-optical fire control director


The EOS 500 inherent video tracker provides automatic detection of up to four concurrent threats, enabling the operator to change target within fractions of a second. Its modern modular design enables the sensors to be upgraded easily.

The high quality stabilisation and advanced TV & IR cameras and laser rangefinder provide operators with an efficient solution for observation, target identification and fire control.

EOS 500 is capable of tracking all types of threats including sea-skimming missiles. Saab's advanced video tracker uses simultaneous input from the TV and the IR camera in a data fusion process. The system provides automatic detection of up to four concurrent targets, thus enabling the operator to easily acquire and change targets swiftly. It uses high accuracy 3D tracking.

EOS 500 can be offered as a part of a 9LV combat system solution, or can be combined with components such as Ceros 200 radar, Electro-Optical (EO) tracking systems, gun fire control and missile control modules to form a weapon control system. Such a setup enables operators to dynamically allocate any combination of tracker and weapon for flexible handling of surrounding threats or use them as stand-alone systems. 


Did you know...

that the EOS 500 control can also be integrated into any modern Multi-Function Console (MFC)?

  • Capable of tracking four targets simultaneously within the field of view
  • Features advanced background suppression algorithms
  • Weighs approximately 140 kg, including the sensors
Number of electro-optical sensors in the stabilised platform

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