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SAFE is a highly configurable, role-based and exceptionally user-friendly platform. SAFE is flexible enough to include all types of processes and workflows, where the platform will actually adapt and evolve with an organization’s processes and best practices, not the other way around.
SAFE Police
SAFE police

Key features

A truly common operational picture
One unified control room
The power of an open platform

Inform and empower your workforce

SAFE enables the effective management of all types of demand through diverse communication channels, by accurately identifying and assessing threat, harm and risk through assistive automation.
SAFE rapidly and accurately identifies repeat contact and vulnerable people, informing and empowering operators to make decisions by providing clear and concise information and guidance.


Business and operational benefits of SAFE: 

SAFE has a proven track record in delivering improved business and operational benefits, whilst increasing customer confidence and satisfaction: 

  • Effective demand management of all types of contact including Social Media, Direct Messaging and Virtual Assistants through modern skills based communication channels increasing the public’s accessibility to services.
  • Streamlined workflows for data capture and resource recommendation enabling accelerated emergency response.
  • Support for a number of dispatch methods including fully automated and/or voiceless dispatch for lower priority incidents, allowing operators to focus on higher priority and time critical incidents.
  • Real-time and historical data delivered and visualised through embedded Business Intelligence dashboards. Giving powerful and accessible insights into the current operational picture and assisting in effective management of demand.
  • Lower cost of ownership through a single unified On-Premise or Cloud deployed solution.
  • Access Anywhere – a geographically independent application delivered through various client presentations including web based and mobile apps.
  • Common, consistent and intuitive role-based user interface replicated across all client types, reducing training requirements across the user base.
  • 99.999% availability with zero downtime for upgrades.
  • Embedded configuration framework enabling continuous change in function and feature workflow, with lower cost of change.
  • OpenAPI architecture, enabling rapid and simplified integrations to third party systems.

Configure new functions without development

SAFE is the only Command and Control solution that enables its customers to build their own functions and features through configuration, without the need for additional development. SAFE also comes with hundreds of functions as standard and includes numerous core capabilities. 

Inviting user-led innovation

SAFE's embedded configuration framework enables police forces to adopt a police specific template configuration and then modify the functions, features and operational workflow to ensure specific requirements are met.


Flexibility within capability is key

Police services around the world are facing an increasing wide range of challenges. Examples of these include operational, financial, technological, political and sociological challenges. Our trusted police service are expected to overcome all of these and continue to perform miracles in becoming agile and adaptable in times of enormous and continuous change.

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SAFE police

Successful implementation of SAFE into Nottinghamshire Police

Saab’s next generation unified command and control system, SAFE, is now live with Nottinghamshire Police, one of four UK police forces to benefit from SAFE’s advanced market leading Public Safety capabilities.

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Saab Technologies a Game-changing despatch systems

SAFE enables operators to make the correct assessment of Threat, Harm and Risk posed to the public and first responders. The platform has a proven track record in delivering improved business and operational benefits, whilst increasing customer confidence and satisfaction. 

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SAFE police

Did you know...

... that safe enables operators to make the correct assessment 24/7?

  • Proven solutions in operational use
  • Effective demand management of all types of contact
  • Access anywhere- a geographically independent application
availability with zero downtime for upgrades

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Martin Forser
Director Marketing and Sales


Darren Sparkes
Sales Director (U.K) - Public Safety and Security


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