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SAFE is a highly configurable, role-based and exceptionally user-friendly platform. SAFE is flexible enough to include all types of processes and workflows, where the platform will actually adapt and evolve with an organization’s processes and best practices, not the other way around.
SAFE police

Key features

A truly common operational picture
One unified control room
The power of an open platform

The game-changing dispatch system

SAFE POLICE is a role-based incident management and dispatch system designed to provide an efficient workflow and a truly common operational picture by making better use of the information at hand. It replaces many of the traditional control room systems – and all integrations that go with them – with a single unified solution that radically improve and enhances your operational capabilities, while at the same time reducing costs.

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Connected functionalities

It combines all the functions required of any control room, plus other functions not ordinarily associated with control-room systems, and incorporates almost any data source or subsystem, handling them as native functions rather than add-ons.

Configurable and adaptable

SAFE Police is very intuitive and feature rich and allow your organization to develop efficient workflows throughout an incident. It’s also very configurable allowing the user to adapt the system to meet specific operational needs and requirements – and when these needs or requirements change, the system can change too.

Increased control

With quick and easy access to multiple data sources SAFE Police makes your operation better informed, more efficient and agile and more contextually refined. An ultimate unified control-room experience based on:

Operational efficiency and quality
Workflow focus – managing end to end information flows
Flexible and configurable integrated solution
Dynamic decision support
GIS oriented
User friendly, consistent UI with role-based layout



The role-based design ensures all users in the system get exactly the information they need. The system is operational across both stationary and mobile devices, making it equally available to dispatched personnel as to control-room operators. The system can combine radio with GSM, fixed line or IP and communicate seamlessly with any resource.

One unified system. One efficient workflow. One truth – all informed. That’s SAFE Police.

Saab Technologies a Game-changing despatch systems

SAFE enables operators to make the correct assessment of Threat, Harm and Risk posed to the public and first responders. The platform has a proven track record in delivering improved business and operational benefits, whilst increasing customer confidence and satisfaction. 

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SAFE police

Did you know...

... that safe enables operators to make the correct assessment 24/7?

  • Proven solutions in operational use
  • Effective demand management of all types of contact
  • Access anywhere- a geographically independent application
availability with zero downtime for upgrades

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
29 May 2020