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Saab 2000 at Regina airport, Canada

Saab 2000

No other turboprop airliner can match the combination of power, speed, rate of climb, short runway capability and service ceiling of the Saab 2000.

Key features

370KTAS Cruise makes for short leg times and high productivity
1,200 m field length, offering access to regional destinations and expanding markets.
Commercially viable range of 1,000 nm in 3 hours, combining flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Saab 2000 specs

Saab 2000
Length27,28 m
Height7,73 m
Wingspan24,76 m
Propeller ground clearance0,46 m
Cargo door (Height x Width)1,30 x 1,35 m
Sill height passenger door1,80 m
Sill height cargo door2,31 m
General Performance
Max cruise speed370 kt (685 kmh)
Max operating altitude31.000 ft (9450 m)
Max fuel capacity4.250 kg
Max payload5.500 kg
2 Rolls Royce AE2100A
Maximum take-off power4152 shp
PropellerDowty Rotol

In the Saab 2000, passenger comfort is comparable to larger jets due to the active noise reduction system installed in the cabin, the generous seat pitch and the fact that the Saab 2000 is capable of operating up to 31.000 ft. using the smoother upper airways other turboprops cannot reach.

Do you operate long regional routes in challenging conditions?

The Saab 2000 will give your capability the edge.



Upgraded cabin Saab 2000
Appearance is everything

An interior upgrade for your Saab 340 or 2000 will increase the comfort level and appearance of your cabin by installing ACRO seats, LED lighting from Bruce and Lantal carpets.

Saab 2000 on the pad in Regina, Canada taking on fuel

Did you know?

  • The Saab 340 & 2000 have carried more passengers than there are Americans.
  • The Saab 2000 has the same power to weight ratio as a Spitfire mark one fighter
  • Cabin noise levels are lowered using an active noise cancelling system with 72 microphones and 36 speakers. Very few aircraft use this even today, and when the Saab 2000 was developed in the early nineties it was groundbreaking.
The Saab 2000 can climb from 0-9.000 meters in eight minutes, one second, still a World record holder in its class


Leaflet in pdf for view or download:

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