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Corporate Flight Services - Saab 340 and 2000

Regional Aircraft

As the original manufacturer of the Saab 340 & 2000 we have a deep knowledge of our regional aircraft fleet and are committed to its long-term future. We are in a unique position to offer a complete support package and support operators, whatever operational challenges they may face.

We supply

Upgrades & modifications

Saab Regional Aircraft can provide a comprehensive support offer including spare parts, training, technical publications, technical services, repair & maintenance services, aircraft modifications etc.

We are here to support all Saab 340 & 2000 operators.




Pitot tube Saab 2000
Cost effective spare parts

A variety of certain products can be offered in separate customer agreements, for example Pitot Tubes, De-Icer Boots, Windshields/Windows, etc.

Spare parts assortment

Regional Aircraft offers a wide assortment of Saab 340 & 2000 aircraft spares.

The assortment covers Vendor Expendables, Vendor Repairables, Saab Proprietary Parts and Ground Support Equipment (GSE).




Component repair
Component repair is a serious task.

Many potential obstacles and major costs are involved.


Repair Services

Considerable time is required to monitor the large number of repair shops needed to maintain the assortment of rotable components. Actual repair costs often vary from one repair to another, making budgeting and cash flow management difficult. The small volume of business that a single airline can provide to a repair shop also impacts pricing levels.

Saab offer different logistics alternatives to support your operation. Aircraft parts repair service agreement provide you with a service of component maintenance paid per flight hour. Should you wish to deal with repair costs as they arise, but still prefer a single reliable source of supply, Saab can offer you the Parts Exchange Sales (PES).




Upgraded cabin Saab 2000
Appearance is everything

An interior upgrade for your Saab 340 or 2000 will increase the comfort level and appearance of your cabin by installing ACRO seats, LED lighting from Bruce and Lantal carpets.


Upgrades & modifications

We offer a range of standard optional modifications and functions for the Saab 340 & 2000.

Being the original manufacturer of the Saab 340 & 2000, we can call on the unmatched experience and expertise of our design and development engineering department to create modifications and upgrades no other supplier can match.

Modifications made by Saab are available as Saab OEM service bulletins making modified aircraft fully transferrable between countries as well as enables the long term support of the aircraft.

Saab as a design organization holds several design approvals from airworthiness authori­ties. The Design Organization Approval (DOA) gives the company the right to maintain and develop the Saab 340 & 2000 under the Type Certificate.

Saab also has a RML (Swedish Military Design Organization Authorization) for the work with military aircraft, e.g. the Saab 340 AEW derivative in service with the Swedish Air Force.

The design and development degineering services create state of the art solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Saab can provide a wide range of modifications. Some of the current focus areas are;

  • Interior enhancements
  • Mandates and operational requirements
  • Reliability improvements/Cost savings

In addition to these, customer specific modifications can be developed based on specific requirements from the operators.

Saab 2000 on the pad in Regina, Canada taking on fuel

Did you know...

  • The Saab 340 & 2000 has carried more passengers than there are Americans
  • The Saab 340 & 2000 have flown a combined distance of km (~ miles), or more than one return trip to the moon everyday since the Saab 340:s first flight in 1983.
  • The Saab 2000 holds the world record for climb performance in its class by reaching 9.000 meters in eight minutes, one second.
million flight hours have been registered by Saab 340 & 2000 aircraft. That is equivalent to 1.970 years in the air.


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