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Safir Software Development Kit

Safir Software Development Kit (SDK) is a standalone development environment providing users with all tools necessary for building Command, Control, Communications Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems.

Key features

Platform independent - Provides multi-platform support, which means that all services are independent of hardware platform as well as operating system.
Complete C4I framework - Development environment provides a complete C4I application framework for developing applications and user interface.
Well proven - Has an excellent track record as framework for development of military C4I solutions as well as time critical and transaction based services for civil applications.

For truly distributed C4I systems

The Safir architecture is a proven and reliable software architecture for distributed asynchronous real-time (RT) and information systems (IS). It is evolved from, and benchmarked against, the system concept developed and refined for naval fire control (the director to gun loop) and combat management. The Safir architecture provides generalised services and design patterns for development of reliable applications in C4ISR* systems.

*C4ISR: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

Safir is scalable, from a single laptop up to multi server and operator console configurations. The performance penalty of the distributed architecture is minimal, and performance of the system is linearly dependent on server hardware.

With the Safir architecture, two types of application requirements can be met: The first is used for meeting real-time requirements mainly in the combat management domain using closed loop weapon control. The other type is used for meeting command support information system requirements.


Did you know…

... Safir SDK has been used as a framework for more than 25 delivered C4I system during 20 years?

  • Safir SDK is scalable from embedded systems to full distributed surveillance centres.
  • C4I systems developed using Safir SDK has been delivered to more than 5 countries.
  • The core part of Safir SDK is published as open source and is freely available on GitHub.
More than 25 C4I systems has been delivered with Safir SDK as framework

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