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Sirius Surveillance - C-ESM and R-ESM

Sirius Surveillance

Sirius Surveillance is a system-of-systems providing wide area persistent surveillance by monitoring the radio frequency (RF) signal environment. It seamlessly integrates passive sensors from Saab or other suppliers.

Key features

High accuracy direction-finding and geo-location.
Beyond-the-horizon reach, covers complete RF spectrum.
Fully network-enabled with remote control and multi-user environment.

Wide area surveillance

By providing a consolidated situational picture and necessary support to monitor it, Sirius Surveillance will be your invisible gatekeeper against constantly evolving threats.

The sensors complement each other with different characteristics creating high accuracy direction finding and geo-location, beyond the horizon reach and coverage of the complete RF spectrum including both communication and radar signals.


Utilising full sensor potential

What if you could connect all available sensors in a multi-sensor network with centralised coordinated management and automated tasking of sensor resources? Sirius Surveillance will give you that advantage.

It provides central functions for automated track correlation, geo-location and classification of platforms and creates an enhanced situational picture, from air and surface targets, which is consolidated on local, regional and national levels. External input from other sources helps to focus on targets of interest.

Automated operation

Robust and selective algorithms for processing and identification/classification of signals allow automated operation in dense signal environments.

Automated functions for anomaly detection support monitoring of the situational picture.

Sensor supremacy by Saab

Saab has decades of experience of developing complex systems encompassing passive sensors and data fusion.

Today, these systems provide armed forces and intelligence services around the world with the silent power they need to detect, locate and understand signals, without revealing themselves.

Sirius surveillance trucks


  • Operationally proven, high performance sensors
  • Antenna configurations for direction finding and high gain/sensitivity
  • Wide coverage of the RF spectrum, communication and non-communication signals
  • Software defined waveform processing and demodulation
  • Robust and selective signal processing and classification/identification
  • User-programmable emitter/platform libraries and demodulators
  • Mission based tasking and reporting, supporting highly automated operation
  • Enhanced situational picture and early warning
  • Data also from other sources e.g. radar, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Electronic Order of Battle (EOB)
  • Fully network-enabled with remote control, multi-user environment and replication of data
  • Integration to external command and control
Sirius - one family, every signal, any domain

Sirius is a family of innovative and networked passive sensor systems based on common architecture and with a domain specific edge. It provides a complete synergistic capability for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance – beyond the scope of individual sensors.

Today these systems provide armed forces and intelligence services around the world with the silent power required to turn signals into knowledge, whilst remaining undetected.

Video - 3:24
Sirius GBAD

Did you know...

… that we offer sensors solutions that can be installed permanently in strategic locations or integrated into transportable platforms for flexible deployment.

  • Persistent border surveillance and knowledge on your surroundings is vital for a nation’s security.
  • Sirius Surveillance provides is a system-of-systems that integrates a comprehensive suite of passive sensors.
  • We have decades of experience developing complex systems with passive sensors and data fusion.
Sensor systems related to Sirius Surveillance are operational in more than 30 countries.

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
7 September 2020
7 September 2020

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