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A proven history in deployable health

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Modern armed forces can be deployed to some of the most challenging and unpredictable locations on the planet. To keep functioning efficiently, they need the support of high-quality medical care delivered in a secure and hygienic setting.

At Saab, we understand this. We have been designing and delivering deployable health capabilities to armed forces for over 30 years. Today, we support customers worldwide with solutions ranging from portable resuscitation and surgical facilities for front-line care of wounded personnel right through to large field hospitals that can deployed into remote and inhospitable environments.

Our deployable solutions allow both soldiers and civilians to be supported with primary healthcare, resuscitation, radiology, surgery, post-anaesthetic care, critical care, and recovery on a general ward.

In doing so, we draw upon our extensive experience in systems integration, bringing together components from multiple suppliers into single systems that deliver outstanding health outcomes.

They can form the foundation of a fully functioning healthcare service, complete with pharmacy service, laboratory, CSSD, medical stores, and other services. Essential services are deployed with the healthcare facility, including power production and distribution, water storage, oxygen production and distribution, and waste management solutions.

A prime systems integrator

Saab has supplied multiple deployable health solutions to a range of military agencies across the globe.

As a prime systems integrator, we have experience in design, biomedical and systems integration, project management, procurement, integrated logistics support, environmental analysis, medical evacuation, and provision of medical and resuscitative equipment.

These solutions include multiple forward health solutions to European military services and maritime healthcare solutions for the Norwegian Navy. We are currently designing and delivering a comprehensive deployable health capability to the Australian Defence Force.


Australian Defence Force - Deployable Health Capability Program 

Saab is the prime systems integrator for the Australian Defence Force’s JP2060 – phase 3 Deployable Health Capability project. In partnership with world-class suppliers, the Saab-led team will deliver more than 550 deployable medical modules for use in humanitarian missions and conflict zones.

These modules will be deployable in multiple configurations to provide Role 1, through to Role 3 medical capabilities to any location worldwide. The deployable medical facility packs down into transportable containers that can shipped by air, sea or road.

An example of one of the deployable modules planned for JP2060 Phase 3. Figure 1: Modularised CT scanner for Role 3 hospitals.

From Europe to Australia

In light of Saab’s $370M contract with the Australian Defence Force, the Global Deployable Health Centre of Excellence (CoE) has been relocated from Sweden to Melbourne. The transfer of technology, skills and IP enhances sovereign capability and creates new opportunities for local industry supply chain. Having officially opened in March 2022, the CoE allows for the export of systems design and integration capability internationally.

Figure 2: Saab’s Deployable Health Support Centre, Ipswich QLD

To further increase Australia’s deployable health capability, Saab is also building a new facility in South Queensland. This purpose-built facility will assist in the storage, maintenance and deployment of Saab’s deployable health modules. It will also contain a central sterilisation supply department (CSSD) and provision of training facilities for the Australian Defence Force. Nearing completion, this facility further cements Saab’s commitment to expanding our deployable health network.


Our Deployable Health Journey