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9Air C4I interface

9Air C4I

9Air C4I turns information into knowledge, and knowledge into action.

Key features

Air campaign planning and tasking
Mission monitoring
State-of-the-art data fusion

9Air C4I* enables flexible, effective operations and complete control of weapons, sensors and communications. It is scalable and flexible, providing control for missions and operations. It provides the situational awareness and communications that operators need to make the right decisions and to act on them swiftly and effectively.

*C4I: Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.

The solution is modular and scalable, allowing unique software connectivity and interoperability. Its design means that it is quick and affordable to install and support.

It enables straightforward integration of any third-party module, and likewise enables any 9Air C4I module to be integrated with equipment from other providers. This gives you complete freedom of choice, alongside flexible technology, which can be adapted to meet specific needs and requirements.

The 9Air C4I is designed with this trend in mind. Its HMI supports the operator by ensuring that the right information is delivered at the right time, combined and clearly presented at each single workstation. The system’s features allow operators to handle multiple tasks by reducing manual workload and automating simple functions.

The 9Air C4I family ranges from the full scale 9Air Tactical Operation Command and Control System (9Air TOCCS), via control and reporting system 9Air CRS, to 9Air Compact C2, a very lightweight straightforward Link16 solution.




We deliver the ability to bring all your systems together into a network-enabled solution: a system of systems environment. The 9Air C4I is the central element in this environment. It is the connecting enabler in the network. With the capability to plan and task all air operations, it forms the hub that allows information to flow between all systems and assets.

Network-enabled solution

Controlling your air space

It has the ability to support planning, tasking and control across the entire breadth of possible missions and scenarios. These capabilities provide effective and efficient multi-tasking. It is these elements of its design that produce a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.


9Air C4I interface

Did you know...

... that 9Air C4I has been in active operation for more than 25 years?

  • 9Air C4I is equipped with a highly automated decision support.
  • 9AIR C4I is the result of more than 70 years of development.
  • 9Air C4I can be used by more than 60 operators per site in more than 10 collaborating sites at the same time.
9Air C4I has been in operation 24/7 since 1995.

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