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Saab Global
CBRN Recce vehicle

Force Protection

World class protection

When the unthinkable happens and there has been a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear release, Saab can help to mitigate the consequences. Our technologies range from portable on-site sampling kits to integrated early warning systems to help large populated areas respond quickly and move out of harm’s way.

Our portable Sampling Kits are designed for first responders, military or civilian, to efficiently bag and tag small samples of contaminated materials, to maintain custodial control, and to return samples to labs for forensic evaluation and identification.

Our Hazmat Transport Container is designed to safely transport hazardous solid, liquid, gas, radioactive, and flammable materials over road, rail, air, and sea thereby removing the threat from vulnerable populations. Our experience in designing integrated CBRNe suites into reconnaissance (Recce) vehicles will benefit both military and civilian teams.

So before the unthinkable occurs, prepare for the worst and work with Saab. We will help to keep you and society safe.