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Boeing T-7A twoship


T-7A is a Boeing-Saab cooperation, that has lasted the latest decade. The two companies have together designed, developed and built a new Advanced Pilot Training system called T-7A.

Key features

New Advanced Pilot Training system
Stadium seating

T-7A, the most modern Advanced Pilot Training System

T-7A is designed in accordance with US Airforce military future fighter and bomber pilot training requirements. The specific T-7A is the dedicated variant for US Airforce. The T-7A aircraft represents a courageous undertaking in innovation design and is developed in a way that will transform the paradigm of rising cost and long development lead time for military aircraft. Boeing and Saab have proven that through relentless focus in both production and maintenance, T-7A has broken the cost curve without sacrificing time, safety or performance.

Today's and future fighter systems will demand modern training aircraft and ground based training tools that are of technical and tactical equivalent level.
T-7A is designed with maintenance in mind to reduce cost and complexity. Integrated logistic support, both onboard and offboard, as well as high reliability and availability will minimize lifecycle cost of the entire T-7A system.

The trainer has a single engine, twin fin and a stadium seating that gives both the instructor pilot as well as the student pilot an excellent view from cockpit. T-7A is equipped with modern avionics, advanced display systems and embedded training.

T-7 A Full afterburner
Stadium seating allows good visibility for both the student and instructor.
Boeing T-7A twoship
US Air Force has ordered 350 T-7A aircraft.
T-7 A Full afterburner

Did you know?

It took 3 years from a white paper to first flight.

  • USAF will train more than 1000 fighter and bomber pilots per year in T-7A.
  • T-7A is planned to be in operation in USAF 2024.
  • Around 350 T-7A aircraft will be delivered to US Airforce.

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T-7 A Full afterburner

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