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Giraffe 4A

The power of being in control

Giraffe C4I is the command and control solution for Saab’s battle-proven, high-performing Giraffe radar family. It is a modular and scalable solution that can be configured to meet the specific needs of each customer.
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Giraffe AMB UK

Key features

Scalable system configuration for installation and choice of capabilities
Flexible integration of sensors and effector including legacy systems
Tactical data network links systems for a common integrated air/surface/land picture and weapons coordination

Saab's Giraffe line-up of world-class radars is renowned for their outstanding capability to provide air and surface surveillance and simultaneously detect, track and locate hostile artillery or ballistic missiles. With Giraffe C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) the Giraffe radar extends into a full-scale command and control system designed to enhance and support a wide range of capabilities within air defence operations and weapon locating as well as force and asset protection.

Giraffe C4I is a command and control platform that can be integrated within the Giraffe radars or delivered as a separate C2 system. The platform provides a networked solution for Giraffe C2 systems, radars and effectors including weapon terminals.

It is a future-proof solution that brings forces the power of being in control.

System capabilities

Giraffe C4I offers a menu of capabilities from which each customer can compose a required set of functions adapted to their operational and strategic needs. The menu includes:

  • Surveillance
  • Sense and warn
  • Weapon locating
  • Air traffic management and air operations
  • Mission support functions
  • Ground based air defence

System utilisation

Giraffe C4I provides a common C2 platform with advanced integrated information security mechanisms for all Giraffe products. The module-based software architecture provides a high degree of flexibility in creating customised system configurations.

  • Ground based air defence operations centre
  • Integrated in Giraffe radars
  • Fire control
  • Tactical data links and interfaces
  • Task complexity accommodating human capabilities
Giraffe 4A

Did you know...

... that, integrated with the Giraffe, the C4I offers a compact all-in one solution with one or two operator stations in the radar cabin?

The solution can be used as a stand-alone C2 centre for GBAD operations without integrated radar.

It can also include weapon terminals that provide the user interface for the fire control of the effector.

The Giraffe Tactical Data Network creates a common real-time tactical data network between all Giraffe C2 systems involved.

Operators in the radar cabin

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