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9Land BMS in Patria New vehicle offer

9Land Battle Management System

The 9Land Battle Management System (BMS) is a tactical command and control system from Saab that lets you utilise the full potential of your forces by increasing the level of awareness in all units, at all times.

Key features

Built as one coherent system makes it scalable to your specific needs.
Based on an open integration platform enabling easy adaption to change and facilitates swift integration of legacy systems and 3rd party products.
In operational use and can be deployed within your armed forces today.

Key facts

Tracker IntegratorNet commander
Blue force trackingxxx
Tactical reportingxxx
Messaging, SMS, chatxxx
Tactical navigationxxx
Route managementxxx
Fire supportxx
Order managementxxx
Decision supportxx
Planning support and mission managementx
Logistics supportxx
Interoperability, NFFIxxx
Interoperability, MIP bloc 2 and bloc 3x
Common operational picturexxx
Enhanced common operational picture (3D view)xxx
Evaluation supportx
CBRN support frameworkxxx
Alams and alertsxxx
Configurable mission baseline packagesxxx
Multi-role functionalityxxx
Network managementx
Sensor integrationxxx
Remote sensor managementxx
Weapon integrationxx
Integration of vehicles information systemxx
Integration of video distribution systemxx

Use your forces’ full potential

The 9Land BMS has been developed in close collaboration with those who best understand the demands of the modern battlefield – our customers. It is fully interoperable and compliant with current international standards. Decades of research and development have been integrated into a cost-effective, well-proven and robust solution. There are three standardised configurations, all parts of one coherent system, adapted to the different needs of your mission:

  • Basic needs – Tracker
  • Combat needs – Integrator
  • All needs - Net commander
9Land BMS

The Tracker

The Tracker will improve your ability to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. By ensuring that individual soldiers are kept informed, the system enables them to perform more effectively, be more synchronised and achieve greater operational impact.

Key functionalities

  • Navigation and route management
  • Blue force tracking
  • Reports
  • Alarms and alerts


The information collected by troops and through sensors will be your eyes and ears on the battlefield providing you with a clear overview of the present situation and helping you predict what lies ahead. You can control the course of action and choose when and where to engage.

Added key functionalities

  • Integration of vehicle information system
  • Integration of sensors
  • Integration of video system
  • Remote sensor management
  • Fire support
  • Multi-role functionality
  • Collaborative mission management

Net commander

The Net commander is an extensive and complete configuration to support headquarter needs. It incorporates the most up-to-date technologies and is compliant with the latest military database and interoperability standards. The flexible multilevel system provides combined arms warfare capability.

Added key functionalities

  • Interoperability
  • Mission management
  • Network management
  • Enhanced common operational picture (3d view)
  • Decision support
  • Planning support
  • Logistics support
  • Evaluation support

A solution based on your needs

The Tracker, Integrator and Net Commander are designed with a number of standard functions and a vast number of optional functionalities. This means that you can start with the standard configuration and, if your requirements change, it is easy to add on optional functionalities and enhance the operational capabilities of your solution even further. The system is built to support your every need. If the standard packages do not fit your needs, we will customise them for you.

9Land BMS in Patria New vehicle offer

Did you know ...

... that Land9 BMS comes with a pre-configured Automatic Warning and Reporting functionality for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) events?

  • New releases of 9Land BMS are based on user requests, ensuring that new developments fulfil military standards and quality requirements.
  • The information in the Battle Management Systems can then be presented in multiple views, such as spatial, time and association views.

  • 9Land BMS is built on a decentralised architecture and replication model, allowing for loss of systems without loss of functionality.
18 different CBRN sensor interfaces are integrated out of the box

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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:
11 September 2020

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