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Gripen with PS-05-A fighter radar

PS-05/A fighter radar

Designed for supreme situational awareness and low probability of intercept. The PS-05/A fighter radar delivers robust and precise targeting performance from short to extended long range in a contested battlespace.

Key features

Robust target acquisition in contested battlespace
Long range performance to match best beyond visual range missile technology
Low probability of intercept

A higher level of awareness

The airspace is becoming increasingly complex and challenging. To counter evolving threats and meet new requirements you need smart solutions that allow your capabilities to grow and evolve accordingly.

With confidence from more than 25 years in service and now upgraded to match the most advanced air-to-air missiles and an ever evolving threat environment, the PS-05/A is a true world-class multi-role sensor for the Gripen C/D front-line fighter aircraft. With an upgraded exciter/receiver and processor, the PS-05/A Mk4 radar provides significantly enhanced performance, improved flexibility and functional growth potential to meet future need.

It is also possible to further upgrade it with Saab’s new state-of-the-art X-band AESA antenna, introducing novel capabilities, fully using the upgraded digital back-end and the potential of an AESA front-end.

Multi-mode functionality for multi-mission flexibility 

In any critical situation, information superiority and improved situational awareness will have significant impact on your ability to detect, counter and overcome threats. With the PS-05/A you will be prepared to meet your challenges, empowered with the advantage of being first to know, you will also be first to act.

The PS-05/A is designed with pilot workload in mind to strengthen the overall operational capabilities of the aircraft, providing advanced modes for air-to-air and air-to-surface operations. The radar has additional modes for threat avoidance and navigation aid and includes missile data links for AMRAAM and Meteor missiles. High availability is obtained by a low failure rate and thorough built-in-test and dedicated recording for maintenance to enable efficient fault localisation during operation. Recording for tactical evaluation is also available.

The radar incorporates sophisticated Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM) functions to provide optimum protection and performance in dense electronic warfare environments.

Radar air-to-air operations

The PS-05/A has an automated search mode for best performance in the actual scenario as well as dedicated modes for long-range target acquisition and low probability of intercept. All search modes are designed to automatically detect and track targets and jammers. The radar has three levels of air target tracking, allowing the pilot to prioritise targets for optimum tracking performance. Raid assessment is performed automatically and Non Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR) measurements may be selected for prioritised targets. The radar also offers several air combat modes, including helmet search.

Radar air-to-surface operations

The PS-05/A has a search mode for ground moving targets and a sea search mode for both stationary and moving targets. The track while scan function will automatically track targets or jammers within the search volume. The pilot may prioritise targets or jammers.

The air-to-surface ranging mode measures the slant range to the ground and is automatically activated when an unguided air-to-surface weapon is armed.

The radar provides a wide range of mapping modes. Multi-look image processing is used to improve visibility. Concurrent target tracking is possible in some mapping modes and tracked targets are presented on top of the map.

Threat avoidance and navigation aid

The threat avoidance and navigation aid capability includes:

  • Weather radar for navigation purposes.
  • Fully autonomous air-to-air search and track mode activated when another sensor is selected as prime sensor.
  • Air clearance search for detection of air target threats in close vicinity during air-to-surface operation.
  • A dedicated trail departure mode.

Passive operation is used to detect and track jammers without revealing any own radar signature

MK4 - extended value

Gripen test aircraft PS-05-A

The new PS-05/A Mk4 version is ready for incorporation of a wide range of different functionalities to meet future operational needs and requirements. The growth potential includes the following:

Extended air-to-air operating range

Extended tracking range taking full advantage of the signal processing capacity and the flexible waveform generation of the PS-05/A Mk4. Acquisition range is increased by 100% at low altitudes and 40% at high altitudes compared to the previous version of PS-05/A. This option is also useful for detection of targets with very low RCS. Moreover, the acquisition range in the legacy air-to-air modes is improved by 20 – 50% and the two-way Meteor missile data link range is extended.

Enhanced air-to-surface capabilities

A sub-meter resolution SAR mode is available, where SAR images are processed and presented to the pilot during flight. The Sea Search mode is re-designed to detect small boats at longer ranges, where acquisition range is increased by >100% compared to previous versions of PS-05/A.

Improved ECCM capabilities

Increased processing power and a software-driven architecture in the Processor and the Exciter/Receiver, provide an excellent platform for developing new ECCM functions.
The wideband receivers are used to detect and track any emitter within the radar frequency range, which significantly improves passive operation.

Enhanced tactical and technical evaluation

Increased processing power and a software-driven architecture in the Processor and the Exciter/Receiver, provide an excellent platform for developing new ECCM functions.

The wideband receivers are used to detect and track any emitter within the radar frequency range, which significantly improves passive operation.

Gripen with PS-05-A fighter radar

Did you know...?

... the total number of hours the PS-05/A radars have been in the air?

  • Saab has been a provider of radars to fighter aircrafts for more than 60 years.
  • More than 1 500 Line Replaceable Units (LRU) for PS-05/A have been manufactured to date.
  • The processing capacity in PS-05/A Mk4 is >2000 times higher than in the first PS-05/A.
The PS-05/A radar has a total sum of more than 300,000 flight hours.

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PS-05/A Mk4 fighter radar

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