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Sirius Compact_Sensor

When being silent speaks louder than words

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Rapid technological advances creates challenges for all aspects of our society; defence is no exception. The modern battlefield has shown that the electromagnetic dimension is more critical than ever. In this increasingly contested and congested environment, it is a difficult undertaking to provide situational awareness to tactical operations. So, how do you meet such a challenge without compromising the need to remain undetected and the ability to deploy with speed and agility? This is how.

The solution is to use passive surveillance - sensors that are completely silent and don’t emit signals, but which can detect and geo-locate electromagnetic signals that others emit. Passive sensors are nothing new. But a compact, man-portable system with the ability to support tactical operations at every level, is something completely new.

We call it Sirius Compact.

Broaden your sensing horizon

This modular, scalable, passive sensor meets surveillance challenges across all levels of tactical operations. By silent detection, classification and prioritisation of radar and datalink emissions, it broadens the sensing horizon and significantly enhances situational awareness in tactical missions. Due to its unique low Size, Weight and Power (SWAP), it facilitates rapid deployment – where you want it, when you want it.

Signals tell a story

Much of the equipment that military units use for communication, surveillance, target acquisition emit signals. Regardless of whether they come from datalinks, radio- or radar equipment, signals always tell a story and reveal that something is in progress.

The question is what?

Is it a threat, something that can develop into a threat, or is it something completely benign? Sirius Compact provides the answers and gives the advantage of being able to read and understand whatever “story” is being revealed.

Platform agnostic

Typically passive sensors have been applied to larger platforms such as aircraft and ships, or as fixed installations. Sirius Compact, on the other hand, is a lightweight man-portable, installation and datalink agnostic sensor; which enables easy integration with drones, vehicles, vessels and masts. Agile applications that are also easy to hide in plain sight.

Rapid deployment, straight into action

Sirius Compact is designed for easy and widespread deployment across all Electronic Warfare operations, bringing flexible passive sensing to all tactical levels. For instance, imagine a reconnaissance team driving their vehicle to the top of a hill offering a good overview of the surroundings. With Sirius Compact mounted on an elevated mast or deployed on a lightweight tripod, the sensor network can quickly be established. Should a signal be detected, say from a radar somewhere in the far distance, the system will quickly determine which direction the signal is coming from through high-precision Direction Finding, what it is and its location.

From single sensor to network operations

Sirius Compact can be operated as a stand-alone unit or as part of a network with several sensors in action. By own platform movement or interfacing to additional sensors, for instance drone-mounted units, it is possible to determine the exact position of a signal by means of triangulation. This means that Sirius Compact, in addition to providing valuable early warning capabilities, also supports Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) units with precise and accurate target information.

No sensitive data stored in the sensor

Sirius Compact is designed to operate autonomously and allow for assimilation and compilation of situational awareness information – without storing any sensitive data in the sensor. This means that if a sensor is captured, no sensitive data is lost or at risk of falling into the wrong hands. As a complementing resource to other active or passive sensors, Sirius Compact brings a powerful and competitive Electronic Warfare capability to the tactical arena.

Contributing to the overall puzzle

The ability to silently detect, classify and prioritise radar and datalink emissions not only supports units directly involved in a specific operation; it also provides vital information to the overall situational picture and thus improve Armed Forces early warning capabilities as well as its ability to locate threats whilst remaining undetected for a longer time.

Latest member of the Sirius sensor family

Sirius Compact is the latest member in the Sirius passive sensor family. A high-performance sensor providing game-changing capabilities to tactical operations. The Sirius family of proven, innovative and networked passive sensor systems offer a complete synergistic capability for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance – beyond the scope of individual sensors. Today, these systems provide Armed Forces and Intelligence Services around the world with the silent power required to turn signals into knowledge, whilst remaining undetected.