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Enhancing sovereign ISR capabilities in Space

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Saab Australia is working under agreement with Defence Science and Technology Group’s (DSTG) Intelligence, Surveillance and Space Division, to develop software that supports an experimental research and development tool looking at Space Domain Awareness. This effort focuses on the development and enhancement of algorithms for detecting and monitoring objects in Space.

With millions of pieces of debris in Earth’s orbit and the increasing density of unaccounted objects, the ability to accurately detect and monitor objects in Space is essential given the increasing risk to human activities.

Space Domain Awareness focuses on developing and enhancing algorithms to detect and monitor objects in Earth’s orbit; objects launched into space from Earth and decaying objects re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.


The Saab team are working with Defence scientists and engineers in the development of Space Domain Awareness technologies, with a strong focus on sensor and data fusion, as well as human-machine interface design and development.

This Research & Development project is an example of how Saab’s proven experience in systems integration and command and control solutions developed through complex Defence programs, is highly transferrable to the Space domain. This experience in complex, high integrity systems engineering allows Saab to bring a significant level of engineering expertise to the emerging Space domain.

“Our involvement in the DSTG project to support Space Domain Awareness research and development has taken our core strengths in command, control and systems integration, and applied them within the emerging Space industry”, says Graham Smith, Saab Australia’s Chief Engineer.

"Our increasing work within the Space domain adds a new dimension to our relationship, beyond our current Research and Development alliance, and further strengthens Space related capabilities in both organisations”, Graham continues.

"We’re excited to continue our long standing relationship with Defence"

Saab’s team of engineers have been working with Defence to develop this capability since April 2021, with the current activities expected to continue until July 2022.

As well as the core capabilities areas of expertise drawn upon for the Space Domain Awareness research and development work, Saab has a range of other capabilities that are highly transferrable to the emerging Space domain, such as:

  • Mission system development, including command and control solutions, multi-function console design & manufacture, human-machine interface, and systems integration.
  • Situational awareness, including communication integration, payload/sensor integration, data fusion and management of sensing data
  • Cyber security, including system cyber security and product assurance
  • Physical security, including Space asset protection
  • Ground system and deployed asset sustainment and maintenance

"As we continue to increase our experience in the Space domain we are confident that this is an area where we can offer similar Defence transferrable capabilities to other partners across the Space industry.”