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Carl-Gustaf M4

Smart just got smarter – introducing the Carl-Gustaf M4

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The modern battlefield presents a broader range of challenges than ever before. Dismounted conventional troops and Special Forces require extreme tactical flexibility to combat advanced threats in complex environments.

Crew-operated and man-portable, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is a true multi-purpose weapon that has been providing soldiers from over 40 nations across the globe with unparalleled combat capability. The Australian Army has been using variants of Carl-Gustaf for decades. The new M4 variant of the recoilless rifle was delivered in January 2021, to commence technical certification, with the remaining units intended for delivery over the next five years.

Providing the Australian Army with a continually evolving weapon, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is ergonomically constructed with new lightweight materials, such as titanium alloy, to be 2.6kg lighter and 66mm shorter than the M3 variant. The short barrel and light load offers significantly improved manoeuvrability without compromising on range.

Carl-Gustaf M4
Lightening the load is particularly beneficial in the modern battlespace where soldiers are frequently operating in confined spaces and moving in and out of vehicles and buildings.

The new M4 variant can be fitted with an intelligent sight which uses environmental data and the temperature of the propellant to provide accurate ballistic calculations and increase the probability of a successful engagement. Providing ultimate mission flexibility and accuracy, the gunner can choose the impact options for the round to airburst, explode on impact or penetrate a wall based on the objective of the operation. Guided missile rounds are also under development which will give the gunner a superior capability and precision against particularly complex targets, including rapidly moving targets at extended range.

The latest variant of the Carl-Gustaf is equipped with an interface for programmable rounds and an in-built shot counter. This keeps track of the full-calibre rounds fired through the weapon which supports maintenance and extends the life of the weapon system.

Other enhancements to the Carl-Gustaf M4 include an adjustable shoulder rest and grip with a locking lever, and an inbuilt safety system allowing the M4 to be carried whilst loaded. This additional safety mechanism allows the gunner to load the weapon early to enable a rapid engagement.

Built with the future in mind, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is compatible with intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammunition, whilst being backwards compatible with all legacy Carl-Gustaf ammunition.

Carl-Gustaf M4
Capable of anything from anti-tank strikes to bunker-busting and battlefield illumination with a comprehensive range of ammunition types, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is the ultimate weapon system for today’s evolving defence forces.
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