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About Saab's shipbuilding capabilities

Saab, now with Kockums, has a broad experience of developing, building and maintaining ships made for navies to defend their nation’s interests in peace as well as in war time.

We understand the demands of modern navies. Mastering the seas is an increasingly challenging mission with a multitude of threats that create extreme demands on the people, the vessels, and the systems. As the main supplier of surface combatants and submarines to the Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN), Saab knows the importance of shock resistance and low signatures to reducing disclosure ranges and increasing survivability.

Submarine Cut

Centuries of shipbuilding

Saab Kockums AB has a long history in naval shipbuilding starting 1679 when the Royal Naval Shipyard was founded in Karlskrona and 1840 when Kockums AB was founded in Malmö. In 1990 the two companies merged under the name of Kockums AB, and since 2014 fully owned by the Swedish defense and security Group, Saab AB as Saab Kockums AB.

The Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN) is the main, and launching, customer. Export customers include Australia, Denmark, India, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, and the United States.

Submarines setting new benchmark

The first submarine built by Saab (Kockums) was launched in 1914. Since then Saab has delivered more than 70 submarines to the RSwN, and has been their prime supplier of submarines since the 1960s. There has been a more or less continuous development with a new submarine class every 10-15 years and currently Saab Kockums is contracted by the Försvarets materielverk (FMV, i.e. Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) to deliver two new submarines of the Blekinge Class (A26). The shipyard in Karlskrona has already relaunched two Gotland Class submarines after performing mid-life upgrades for FMV (2018 and 2019).

Saab has designed and supported the construction of the six Collins class submarines for the Royal Australian Navy. During this contract the infrastructure for construction and supporting submarines in Australia was also built up.

Furthermore, Saab has delivered modernised Swedish submarines, the Challenger Class and Archer Class to the Republic of Singapore Navy, including training packages and submarine fleet establishment support. Also, we have exported Stirling AIP systems and technology to Japan.

Saab applies an evolutionary design method. By using proven technology and adding step by step state of the art technology to manage and control risks.

HMS Gotland submarines
HMS Gotland
Visby Class Corvette
Visby Class Corvette

A strong presence above surface

Saab has produced a large number of naval surface ships for the RSwN, including destroyers, corvettes, off-shore patrol vessels and MCM systems. In addition Saab has exported surface ships, MCM systems and composite technology transfer to e.g. Colombia, Denmark, India, Japan, Oman and Singapore.

The shipyard

Since Kockums became part of Saab, the shipyard in Karlskrona has been in transformation. Today it is probably the most modern shipyard in the world. The new facilities are an impressive series of 21st-century updates. They include robotic welding equipment for the “dull, dirty and dangerous” areas unsuitable for the skilled welders, a new production line for the pre-manufacture of the 10,000-plus pipes in the Blekinge Class submarine (A26).

There is also a new digital system for integrated design and construction that can be accessed by craftsmen on the shipyard floor.

The brand new surface treatment plant is big enough to bring in a 15-metre section of a 60-metre submarine through the doors on its ends, means cleaning, treating and painting is more environmentally-friendly and efficient to carry out.

Turn-key or as required

Saab is a world leader in naval systems with a proven history of delivering platforms, integrated systems and sub-systems for the entire maritime domain. Therefore we are in a rather unique position either to deliver turn-key solutions from mostly in-house developed systems or to integrate specific systems from other suppliers should that be preferred by the customer.

Focus on industrial partnership

With a long lasting, strong and and positive footprint in several countries, Saab group is focused on building relationship including industrial cooperation’s, in all military domains.