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In partnership with Saab, you have access to a vast array of systems that provide a higher level of security and greater operational efficiency. Our extensive experience allows us to tailor our integrated solutions to meet your specific needs, enabling you to effectively safeguard your waters.

Visit us at our stand and discover how our thinking edge drives innovation above and below the surface. On display will be one of our submarine models, the CB90 NG, the RBS15 anti-ship missile and the MuMNS – the latest addition to the Double Eagle family of mine neutralisation systems. Our other products on display include TactiCall ICS, the AUV62-AT training platform, and the Sea Giraffe 1X naval radar.


Sea Giraffe 1X

The Sea Giraffe 1X radar is optimised for maritime security and force protection, but its capabilities extend far beyond that to serve the many dimensions of conflict at sea.

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Sea Giraffe 1X is based on over 60 years of radar development by Saab and is the perfect choice for navies, amphibious forces and coastguards looking for a system with higher performance and an extremely small logistical footprint. Find here the latest news about Sea Giraffe 1X.

Supremacy over the seas

Modern warfare is changing at a rapid pace and forces can no longer make do with missile systems that might struggle to face up to tomorrow’s threats. To combat this problem, Saab has implemented a hands-on design, development and support process to provide clients with a truly future-proof missile system – the RBS15 Gungnir. With its powerful warhead and long range combined with state-of-the-art target seeker it is ready to give its user the supremacy over the seas.


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RBS15 Gungnir - Overview


Saab at EURONAVAL 2022

Visit us at our stand and discover how our thinking edge drives innovation above and below the surface.

Visit us at stand H55, Hall 2B

Operational worldwide

To date, more than 40 classes of ships worldwide are equipped with TactiCall ICS. In September 2020, the French Naval Group and Kership, part of Naval Group, also selected Saab's TactiCall as part of the Belgian-Dutch MCMV programme. The partnership between Saab and Kership underlines the comprehensive cooperation with the French naval industry, and will strengthen Saab’s TactiCall position for the French’s MCM programme called SLAM-F. Furthermore the Bulgarian Navy's new MMPV multi-purpose patrol vessels will be equipped with Saab's communication system in the future. Finland also decided to install TactiCall ICS on a total of four new corvettes in the context of the Squadron 2020 programme.

CB90 Next Generation

With more than 250 boats operating worldwide, CB 90 has been a success story since the first boat was commissioned. A new model of the proven concept has been launched: CB90 Next Generation. The fast, all-aluminium CB90 Next Generation Combat Boat can effortlessly carry multiple troops and cargo, in shallow or open waters, whilst maintaining incredible speeds and manoeuvrability. The interior combined with a strong bow ramp ensures swift deployment onto unprepared beaches. The craft offers supreme CBRN and ballistic protection. A robust weapons platform can include stabilised turntables, smaller missile systems and remotely operated weapon stations such as Saab Trackfire.

Proven design and operational success

CB90 Next Generation is based on a proven design and operational success, and is transportable by land or other ship. Other key features of CB90 NG: An all-new driveline including an adjusted placement of the engine makes the point of gravity optimized, which in turn makes the boat even more stable, faster and a lot more silent. Combined with new jets run on a higher efficiency the total efficiency is greatly increased – as well as the ergonomics and crew comfort. 


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Saab at EURONAVAL 2022

Visit us at our stand and discover how our thinking edge drives innovation above and below the surface.

Visit us at stand H55, Hall 2B

Secure your waters

With naval warfare rapidly evolving, today's armed forces need torpedoes that are both easy to control and highly adaptable. Saab's new torpedo system now under development for the toughest environment in the world, the Baltic Sea, addresses these key challenges. Our anti-submarine warfare solution, the Saab Lightweight Torpedo (SLWT), gives you total control within the challenging littoral environments. Flexible, accurate and with unbeatable control, this Lightweight Torpedo offers best-in-class capabilities – giving you the power to secure your waters, no matter what the seas throw at you.

Acting undetected – the ultimate defence asset

Submarines are unique tools for securing national interests. In a world where any movement or asset is exposed, being able to act undetected has never been more crucial. Submarines play a vital role in a wide range of naval operations and tasks, from peacekeeping to warfare operations, in both offensive and defensive roles. Submarines can perform national missions that no other asset can.

Saab submarines are offering a flexible approach, meeting various needs of different navies thanks to modular design. This flexibility is also securing upgrades and modifications, making the submarines future-proof over time. Modules are designed depending on operational and tactical needs. Equipment installations can be easily accessed for maintenance and upgrades at any point in the submarine’s lifecycle.


Saab's AUV62-AT is operated by a growing number of navies worldwide who see the operational and cost benefits of an advanced at-sea ASW training system. The system can be used as a target for training surface, air and sub-surface ASW assets in any combination and can be programmed to deliver all levels of training from basic to advanced. AUV62-AT is a cost efficent solution for anti-submarine warfare training.


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News & Stories

Here you will find relevant background information on Saab's naval domain products.