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RBS15 Gungnir

Product Solutions

Saab in the Netherlands

Providing reliable and innovative solutions for The Netherlands in the fields of Defence and Civil Security through long-term balanced partnership.

In close collaboration with our customers, we discuss, formulate and integrate specific requirements for our products. For example, in the area of maritime product development, Saab in the Netherlands regularly exchanges ideas with relevant stakeholders through the Customer Advisory Board. Our customers formulate their needs and visions and thus make an important contribution to the development of new systems. At the same time, such valuable partnerships enable the creation of innovative products, solutions and services. 

In the field of R&D, Saab is also in close contact with a number of renowned universities and institutes in the Netherlands. This enables us to incorporate the latest scientific aspects and knowledge into the development of products. The sustainable, transparent and balanced cooperation with all stakeholders enables Saab to develop globally leading products - today and in the future.

Saab develops advanced defence, security and air traffic management as well as maritime traffic management systems. With comprehensive expertise and a wide range of products and projects in national and international markets, Saab is also a leading integrator of capabilities. The Netherlands and Sweden maintain sustainable relationships and close partnerships in the areas of military and civil security for many years.

As a trusted partner, Saab supports customers, the Dutch government, research and industry (Triple Helix) with innovative concepts in the fields of defence and civil security. The focus is always on active, open and transparent cooperation between all partners. With many years of product and market expertise, innovative concepts and cost-efficient products, we create added value for our customers.

Our team of dedicated experts is in permanent contact with the various Saab branches around the world to ensure that our Dutch customers receive the most appropriate solutions. Saab products are robust and reliable, proven and tested in all environmental conditions. Saab also acts as a reliable system integrator in cooperation with military and civil security companies. By breaking boundaries and conventions, we can develop intelligent and flexible solutions to ensure the safety of people and society.

Sea Wasp Inside Cover

RBS15 & Naval Systems

RBS15 is a highly optimized anti-ship missile with land attack capability. The long-range missile solution RBS15 Gungnir is designed to dominate the littoral environment. Gungnir can also operate effectively in blue water and on land. RBS15 Gungnir can integrate with aircraft, ships and trucks to provide a complete system solution.

Saab is also capable of integrating communications systems such as TactiCall or combat systems with other manufacturers' vessels. For underwater weapon systems, underwater equipment and sensor systems, such as the Sea Wasp ROV system, Saab is the world market leader.

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Ground Combat Weapon Systems

Saab is continuously developing the capabilities of its ground combat weapons range and providing everything needed to meet customer requirements.

Carl-Gustaf M4, the man-portable, multi-role weapon system, builds on the system’s already notable flexibility, offering a higher degree of accuracy, lighter construction and compatibility with future innovations.

NLAW is an unique missile system that has been optimised to defeat tanks and other armoured vehicles. This system gives individual soldiers the ability to stop a main tank in all conflict situations and environments. 

The AT4 single-shot anti-tank support weapon is operated in more than 15 countries worldwide, is combat-proven and provides the extended range required for mission success, including night capacity and confined space capabilities.

Carl-Gustaf M4

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SAFE Police is a role-based incident management and dispatch system designed to provide an efficient workflow and a truly common operational picture by making better use of the information at hand, while at the same time reducing costs.

SAFE Police

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Training & Simulation

Our Training & Simulation offering includes real, virtual and instrumented solutions for all domains of the armed forces - from planning to integration. Saab provides tailored training and equipment for the most realistic mission preparation.

Live training

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